Most of the Europeans start taking their holidays from the 1st July onwards. In continental Europe, most of the people tend to take their holidays around the 15th, whereas in the UK it begins a week after. Southern Europe starts to get quite hot in July, so the majority of the people choose to travel to the seaside in order to be close to water. It is a good option as well to enjoy some cool mountain air.

Short haul holidays in July

There are a lot of places to choose from in July, and there are many destinations with sunny beaches only a couple of hours away, making it ideal for families with children.

For example, you could head to the Costa Brava in Spain, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Dalaman in Turkey or Biarritz in France. As these are popular destinations, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get a room. It is an appropriate time as well to head to an island, as you can get some breeze. If you are on a budget, you could consider going to Tenerife or Cyprus, and if you are into culture, Crete has a good offer. Actually, all the Greek islands are worth it. Mykonos is very trendy, Rhodes has lots of history, and, for example, Paxos and Santorini are delightful.

Closer to home, the Scilly Isles are lovely in July.

Long Haul Holidays in July

While is hot in Europe, there are some countries in the south that they can get extremely hot. For example, Dubai reaches temperatures of over 40 degrees, so it is even too hot to swim in the sea.

Some countries of Asia get the monsoon in July, but there are others such as Indonesia, Bali and the north and east of Sri Lanka that do not suffer the monsoon in this month.

If you want to have a more reliable weather, you could go to Brazil or East Africa (for example, Kenya and Tanzania), because the rains have moved to the north. Canada, which has amazing natural landscapes, is also a good option.


Two more places for July

Two places that people usually do not think of as July destinations are Austria and Switzerland. These two countries are not just for skiing. Austria and Switzerland are amazing for walking on the mountains in July.

The views will be breathtaking, the flowers will still be in bloom.

Another option could be a trip to Dubrovnik, in Croatia.

Croatia’s coast is one of the few jewels of Europe that it is still not packed with tourists, and you will be able to learn the historic culture of the beautiful Dubrovnik.