By this time of the year, Europe will be having quite high temperatures.

If you want to go on holidays before the school holidays start, or enjoy the last bank holiday of the year before Christmas, you should head to the Greek or Spanish islands. If you are after good beaches, you could try Montenegro or Croatia in Eastern Europe. If you fancy a city break with plenty of sun, Krakow, Prague and Budapest are good options.

We recommend you having a look to the below alternatives for august:


In August there will be quite a few festivals in Menorca. One of them is the “Nights at the Port” in Mahon, where there are dance performances next to the harbour.

You can head to the highest point of Menorca, El Toro, from where you will have nice views across the island.

If you like the markets, you could go to Alaior, a village known for its night markets.

Other alternatives include cruising Menorca by boat.

If you love going to the beach, go to the south, and do not forget to visit S’Albufera des Grau National Park and its blue lagoon.



One of Budapest’s greatest events during the summer is the fireworks show for the celebration of St Stephen’s Day, a bank holiday in Hungary.

Usually around this time of the year some cultural events such as craft fairs and folk music are held.

Sziget Festival, which is held down by the river on an island in the middle of the Danube, is also in August. It is a music festival but other activities sich as bungee jumping can be done. It is very nice because the weather is still warm in the evening.


Dominican Republic

In August, it can actually rain in the Dominican Republic, but it is usually a downpour in the evening which does not last long, allowing you to spend most of the day swimming and sunbathing. The coast is spectacular, with palm trees, beachfront shacks, white sand and crystal-clear waters.

It is very popular to do scuba-diving and fishing.

You can see Marlin and barracuda in August; which is something you can only see in the wet season.

The Dominican Republic’s Independence Day, called Fiesta Patria de la Restauración, is held in August. To celebrate, there are parades and festivals across the country.