Welcome to the Grand Canyon, one of its kind to ever exist on the earth.

It is a natural wonder that amazes mankind day in day out. No place on earth puts into perspective the beauty of Mother Nature than the Grand Canyon. It continues to puzzle many as to how it came to be. One among the Seven Wonders of the World! If you have never travelled to this great site, you are missing a lot! Make it you next travel destination and discover what you have been missing out.

Located in the state of Arizona, it is a great gorge of the River Colorado. It goes to depths of up to one mile with varying widths. My trip to this amazing destination is one that I will never forget. We booked a helicopter tour from Las Vegas. Within no time, the Grand Canyon was on sight. Everything was fast and well organized. With the unique flora and fauna; it is definitely one of its kind that Mother Nature can give.

We got to watch the gorge from elevated heights. What a great experience! I am wishing to have yet another trip there soon already. The tour guides are highly knowledgeable and well versed with their job. The multicolored rocks form such an amazing pattern from up there. There is also a great buzz on the area with the performances from the locals. Although you cannot take pictures in the sky lands, you get a chance to do so from the edge of the cliffs. There are no barriers and you can proceed at your own risk. Surely, the view is spectacular and breathtaking. It feels awesome, just like floating in the air and getting to see all the wonderful nature down there. The south rim has become a habitat for so many wild animals that you will never see anywhere else.

I did not want the pilot to fly away but to just hover around so I could enjoy the breathtaking site of the wonderful wild animals of their own kind. At the Guano point, which was our last stop, you get to have breathtaking views of the canyon as well as doing some light hiking and it is such a vantage photo point. The coolest part of all this is that no one will rush you around. You get to linger around as much as you wish. Honestly speaking, I have never enjoyed a trip to any destination as much as I did this time. This was indeed a moment no one can ever forget.

Are you not sure about where to go next on your vacation? The Great Canyon is the place you need to be. It will never disappoint you. This place is full of thrilling and amazing views and sites from the air.The Grand Canyon, a must see for every person!

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