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Blagag Tekke (Blagaj Monastery), which was constructed in 1520, is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most ancient sites. The Dervish Monastery, called tekija, is open to the public. It reflects both Mediterranean and Ottoman style architecture. Next to the Monastery, you will see the source of the blue green River Buna, which takes place in a large cave at the bottom of a cliff.

If you want to enjoy beautiful views of the tekija, follow the path behind Vrelo restaurant.

If you have time, we recommend you going to Stepjan Grad, the castle which overlooks the village. The castle is in ruins but you can see the impressive walls and enjoy the amazing views from the top. There is a path that takes you from the village to the fort, the distance is about 2 kms.

How to go: As Blagaj is only 12 kms far away from Mostar, we recommend visiting Blagaj in a half day excursion. There is a local public bus from Mostar to Blagaj. The bus might leave from the road opposite the main bus station in Mostar, not the actual main bus station. It takes around 15 minutes, and it stops at Spanski TRG (Spanish square) in front of the gymnazija. You can take either bus line number 10 or number 11. Number 10 ends in Blagaj and number 11 continues further, but you can stop in Blagaj.


Pocitelj is a well-preserved fortified medieval town that is 35 km south of Mostar. It was established in 1383 by King Stjepan Tvrtko I.

Pocitelj was seriously damaged during the 1992-96 war by Croatian forces, and part of its inhabitants had to abandon the city. Several great Islamic works of art and architecture were totally destroyed. In 1996 the World Monuments Watch named Pocitelj as one of the 100 most endangered cultural sites. It was in 2000 when the government of B&H decided to put the town under permanent protection. This included the restoration of the town, continued preservation and encouragement to the old population to come back.

What to see in Pocitelj: You can visit Sahat Kula Castle (1444) , the amazing mosque of Dadzi Alija (1563), and climb the citadel to enjoy the beautiful views of the town and its surroundings.


If you are several days in Mostar and you do not have a car, you could take a one day tour to visit Kravica Waterfalls, just about 40 kms from Mostar. The waterfall over the river Trebižat is 120 metres wide and 27 metres tall. There is a small lake beneath the waterfalls, where people swim in summer. In addition, there is a beautiful sandy beach and a small picnic area to relax and enjoy the nice views.


Medujorge can be visited in one day trip from Mostar. Apparently, on the 24th June 1981, six children were playing in the mountains around Medujorge and Bijakovici when the Virgin appeared to them. Since then, the apparitions have not stopped, and it is said that the Virgin appears every day to three of them and once a year to the other three. It was the first in Europe after the one in Lourdes (France) in 1858 and the one in Fatima (Portugal) in 1917. Although the Catholic Church has never recognized the apparitions, is being said that around 15 millions of people have already visited Medujorge (pilgrims, believers and curious people), making this small area really profitable. There is a blue cross that symbolizes the exact place where the Virgin appeared, which is called Apparition Hill.