It is an all-year-round tour destination that experiences a pleasant tropical climate, with a variation of the weather conditions on the alternating sides of the island. For any great holiday to become a success; it is important to understand its weather conditions. This article gives a guide on the best times to enjoy your vacation, either for fun, a honeymoon or any other lifetime event here at Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s climate seems to be rather complicated for such a small country, mainly because it is affected by two different monsoons on the opposite sides of the island at various times of the year. Whether you are travelling on the southern coast, exploring the Cultural Triangle towards the centre of the country or exploring up north, be sure to get varied climate. This, however, means that there is always a place on the island with good weather for you at any time of the year. It is an all year destination due to the stable temperatures throughout the year (between 23 to 31 degrees Celsius) thanks to its proximity to the equator.

The rainfall pattern is a unique one. The main southwest monsoon ‘yala’ brings heavy downpours from May to around September on the west and southwest coasts all the way to the hill country. The mild northeast monsoon ‘maha’ occurs mainly from November to March with the wettest months been between November to December. An inter-monsoonal period occurs from October to November when there is an unsettled weather with heavy downpour and thunderstorms happening on either side of the island.

For the North and Northeast, the best time to make it your holiday destination is between May to September when it is drier. This is the best time to visit the ruined temples of Ancient Cities. From February to June, get the best wildlife spotting at the Yala national park, when water levels are very low, and animals have to drink from the same source. From December to March, enjoy the beaches of south and west coast when there is the least rain. Kandy is the coolest part of Sri Lanka, and overnight temperature here may drop to below 9 degrees Celsius. Be sure to visit this place between July and August for the best of festival activities, with locals dancing on the streets with decorated elephants!

In general, the best time to visit is from December to April, as it is the dry season for most of the island. The Christmas season is usually the most popular and is the most expensive to travel. Welcome to Sri Lanka for all the fun, culture, the sun, history and best flora and fauna. Whenever you are ready, be sure no weather is so dramatic to stand in your way of the best holiday ever with plenty of warm weather and high sunshine.