The Caribbean climate of Cuba has its varied weather conditions throughout the year although it has a consistently warm weather due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer. The best time to visit Cuba and the best weather is between the month of March to mid-April. The beautiful sunny days will ensure your experience gets better and better with each day. The air is cool and will give you such a pleasant moment. The breezes are cool to warm as well. What’s more, it is not so crowded during this shoulder season. The rainy season starts in May. June to November experience heavy downpours and some crazy hurricanes and are not the best time to visit Cuba. Also, apart from been stormy, the months of July to August are really hot, and you will experience the real Caribbean heat. From December to January it is unusually dry and bright.

During the school holidays of Christmas, the Easter and July to August, you will find a great crowd of people on the streets. The accommodation costs are at their highest during this peak season and be sure to book your accommodation in advance to avoid last minute lockout. For the lovers of parties, Spring Break is in the month of March, and you will have the best experience as you interact with the teens who are on their holiday.

For the best weather, April is your ultimate month! You also get to enjoy the best of Cuban culture as everyone gets to the streets for the citywide art show featuring the best art, documentary screening and workshops. You also get to enjoy the best in hiking and exploring the unspoiled national parks.

Welcome to Cuba for all the fun, sun, culture and nature at its best. Imagine all this with the best hotels ever and the best hospitality that you could ever receive. All this coupled with the best weather conditions. Do you desire to witness the island of your imagination? Make Cuba your next travel destination and see what you have been missing.