We have seen there is quite a lot of information on the internet about which the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia are and how to reach them by car, but we saw there was a lack of information about how to reach these idyllic beaches when you do not have a car.

Inspireholidays has created this post for all the ones who want to forget about driving, sit back in the bus and enjoy an amazing day in the beach.

We will do an 8 days tour, starting from the south of Sardinia, and heading up to the north through the east side, in order to finish in the north west of the country.



Cagliari itself does not have the typical crystal clear beaches Sardinia is known for, but in order to reach tomorrow´s paradise of beaches, we suggest starting the trip in Cagliari as there are lots of ferries and planes that arrive into the capital and is very well connected to tomorrow´s destination. The plan is to take the bus from the company Turmotravel at 14.30 pm in Cagliari to arrive in La Caletta at 17.43 pm. This is the link: http://www.gruppoturmotravel.com/english-version/Linea-Cagliari-Olbia.php .

Once you arrive in La Caletta at 17.43 pm, you could go for a walk on the beach and have dinner afterwards. Overnight in La Caletta.

Until 14.30 pm, you can spend the morning either visiting Cagliari, or, if you prefer to be on the beach, you could spend the morning in Poetto Beach, which is an enormous lovely beach that stretches for around 8 km and is very close to the city centre.

CTM bus PF or PQ from Piazza Matteotti will take you to Poetto beach. In summer there are express buses PN, 3/P and 9/P.



The area of the Golfo Di Orisei, east coast of Sardinia, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. In order to explore these beautiful beaches, we suggest you take a mini cruise with one of the tour operators and enjoy the stops in the different beaches. The most common departure points are Cala Gonone, La Caletta, Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax.

Our main reason of spending the night in La Caletta is that it is really well connected to arrive the night before, spend the day on the beaches, and go back on the same day to the following destination. The tour operator that departs from La Caletta is called Davide e Golia, his website is http://www.davidegolia.it/it/home.php . The boat departs at 9 am from the port of La Caletta and the price for the whole day is 45 euros per person. With this mini cruise, you will stop 1 hour in Cala Luna, 2 hours in Cala Mariolu and 1 hour in Cala Biriola.

Cala Luna is a beautiful 700 meter long half-moon shape beach. The water colour is azure. There are six small caves located in the northern part of the beach, and nearby is the Grotta (cave) del Bue Marino, which can be accessed by boat.

Cala Mariolu is a small pebble nice and cozy beach. This is a great beach for snorkeling and scuba diving. The name comes from the nun seal called “mariolu” by Sardinian fishermen.

Cala Biriola is great for snorkeling, scuba diving and climbing.

You will be back in La Caletta at 19h00 pm.

The plan after arrival, is to go to San Teodoro by public bus number 514 from Arst company, this is the link: http://www.arstspa.info/514.pdf . After 19h00 pm, the only bus departing La Caletta is at 20.40 pm, which arrives to San Teodoro at 21.26 pm. This is the timetable for (GIO3), corsa giornaliera from 16/6 to 15/9. Overnight in San Teodoro.


San Teodoro has some of the most beautiful beaches just a short ride from the center. From the 1st June until the 30th September, there is a beach shuttle bus in San Teodoro. Some of the best beaches are Brandinchi, La Cinta and Lu Impostu.

Brandinchi is located about 7 km north of San Teodoro and is about 700 meters long. The beach is characterized by white fine sand and clear and shallow water surrounded by dunes and a pinewood. Cala Brandinchi is also known as “Little Tahiti” because of the Caribbean-style colours of its waters.

La Cinta is a very long white sandy beach surrounded by dunes. It is almost 3 kms long.

Lu Impostu is about 1 km long. The sand in Lu Impostu is very thin and the sea water is very clear, light blue colour.

The daily pass costs 5 euros and you can use the bus the whole day, so you can actually visit more than one beach in the same day, which we think is great. Timetables as follows: http://www.santeodorobeach.com/en/timetables-and-stopped-2/ . The plan after spending the whole day sunbathing in the beaches and refreshing in the beautiful waters is to continue the route towards the north, to Palau. Therefore, we need to do a journey by bus from San Teodoro to Olbia airport, and then from Olbia airport to Palau. The first bus is number 514 from Arst, and it departs San Teodoro at 19.31 pm and arrives to Olbia airport at 20.07 pm (Gior and Gio 3). This is the link: http://www.arstspa.info/514.pdf . The second bus is from Turmotravel company. The bus departs from Olbia airport at 21.45 pm and arrives to Palau at 22.37 pm. This is the link: http://www.gruppoturmotravel.com/Linea-Olbia-STeresa-Estiva.php (from 01/06 to 30/09). Overnight in Palau.



After having breakfast, we will go to the ferry port in Palau in order to take a day boat trip to La Maddalena. There will be lots of tour operators offering this trip, with departures around 10 am. There are usually two itineraries offered, one of them covering Islas Spargi, Budelli, S. Maria, La Maddalena and Sud Caprera, and the other one covering Islas Spargi, S. Maria, Budelli and Caprera (Tahiti). The boats usually return around 17.45 pm. After arrival, the plan is to take bus number 601 from Arst to Santa Teresa di Gallura. This is the link: http://www.arstspa.info/601.pdf . There is a bus at 19.53 pm departure, arrival at 20.28 pm (Gior), and another at 21.50 pm departure, 22.30 pm arrival, (STA2) corsa giornaliera from 16/6 to 15/9. Overnight in Santa Teresa di Gallura.


Today we will go to the beautiful beach of Costa Paradiso and to the beach of Rena Bianca in Santa Teresa.

Bus number 728 from Arst departs from Santa Teresa at 8.45 am and reaches Costa Paradiso at 9.29 am (Gior).

The most popular beach of Costa Paradiso is the bay “Li Cossi”. “Li Cossi” is considered by many as one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. To reach the beach, you have to enter a residential area, where you can park your car. Then you need to walk for about 1,5 km, until you reach the seaside. The beach is surrounded by pink granite rock formations and mountains. The beach has fine white sand and crystal clear emerald waters.

The same bus number 728 comes back from Costa Paradiso at 16.20 pm and arrives to Santa Teresa at 17.04 pm. Link: http://www.arstspa.info/728.pdf .

Therefore, it is a great time to spend the rest of your afternoon in the popular beach of Rena Bianca, located just a few hundred meters north of the center of Santa Teresa di Gallura. The beach is about 200 meters long and it has fine white sand and shallow waters. If you want to enjoy some amazing views, climb the hill of “La Torre di Longonsardo”.

After you have relaxed in the beach, the plan is to go back to Olbia by public bus 601 from Arst. Link: http://www.arstspa.info/601.pdf . The bus leaves at 20.30 pm from Santa Teresa and arrives to Olbia I.B at 22.15 pm (Gior). Overnight in Olbia.


From the 1st June until the 30th September, there is a bus from Sunlines company from Olbia to Capriccioli. Link: http://laura2395.xoom.it/virgiliowizard/sites/default/files/sp_wizard//usr/SUNLINE/olbia_costasmeralda_isuleddadagiugnoasettembre.png . In order to make the most of your day and enjoy the maximum time on the beach, we suggest you take the bus that leaves Olbia (Piazza Crispi) at 07.40 am and arrives to Capriccioli at 09.06 am.

The beach of Capriccioli, which is about 200 meters long, is divided into two parts by large granite rocks. The beach has shallow waters and a fine light-coloured sand.

There is a bus back to Olbia that leaves Capriccioli at 19.06 pm, arriving to Olbia at 20.09 pm.

This bus from Sunlines stops as well in Porto Cervo, which is the actual Costa Smeralda, so if you do not want to spend the whole day on the beach and you want to see where rich and famous people spend their holidays, an idea would be to combine the beach of Capriccioli and Porto Cervo. The bus of Sunlines stops as well in Portisco – (Rena Bianca), which is a nice beach. Overnight in Olbia.


Today we will go to the beach of Porto Istana by public bus number 5 from Aspo company. You can find the timetables here: http://olbia.mycicero.it/tp/MYCICEROOLBIA/StampaOrari/Index .

The beach of Porto Istana has fine and white sand and shallow and crystal clear water.

For tonight, we plan to sleep in Porto Torres, so we will take the bus from Sunlines which departs from Piazza Crispi at 16.40 pm and arrives to Porto Torres at 19.35 pm. Link: http://docsardegna.xoom.it/virgiliowizard/sites/default/files/sp_wizard//usr/sunline/portotorres_olbia_colori_chiari_2014.pdf .


This is the last day of our holidays.

From Porto Torres, we will take bus number 727 from Arst company to go to La Pelosa beach. There is one that leaves at 9 am from Porto Torres (Via Mare-Pensiline) and arrives to La Pelosa at 9.47 am, (STA3) Corsa festiva from 16/6 to 15/9.

This is Sardinia´s most famous beach. La Pelosa is located 2 kilometers away from Stintino, province of Sassari. The beach is 300 meters long and in front of the beach you will see Asinara island, which is now a park but used to be a penitentiary. This beach is accompanied by an ancient sixteenth-century tower, which used to be part of Sardinia’s marine defense system. Thanks to its turquoise calm waters and its soft white sands, you will feel like you are in the Caribbean.

There is a bus back to Porto Torres departing La Pelosa at 20.05 pm, which arrives to Porto Torres around 21.00 pm, (STA3) Corsa festiva from 16/6 to 15/9.

After this 8 days trip, we let for you the decision of which is going to be your next stop. We will take a ferry from Porto Torres to Barcelona with Grimaldi Lines.